Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys

Replica bird of prey decoys and fake plastic hawks have been designed as bird repellers.

Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys
  • Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys

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Product Overview

Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys

Plastic Falcon Decoys

Replica plastic falcons, hawks and other bird of prey decoys have been used as bird repellers for hundreds of years. The effect of the decoys rely on the birds' fear of predators - pigeons and other small birds believe the life-size falcon to be a threat and will therefore stay away from the area where the plastic hawk decoy is situated.

The fake hawk decoy can be used in many areas where unwanted birds are causing an issue, including buildings, patios, sheds, boats and gardens. It is aimed at humanely scaring away pests such as small birds, pigeons, seagulls, rats and mice.

This plastic falcon bird repeller is a full-size, life-like replica decoy. Its textured body, vivid markings and beaded eyes give it a realistic look from a distance.

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Manufacturer's Comments

Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys

Plastic Hawk Decoys

The bird of prey decoy falcon is made by STV and is known as a "Defenders Falcon". They comment that the falcon will provide a formidable deterrent around your garden or property. A falcon is a natural predator for many small birds and this hawk decoy bird repeller will humanely scare away unwanted birds or pigeons. It will last for years, as it is constructed from weatherproof and durable plastic.

The manufacturer lists the following key features:

  • Life-like plastic falcon.
  • 35 cm (14") high.
  • Brightly coloured markings.
  • Durable construction.
  • Anchor fixing points.
  • Removable plug for filling with sand or gravel.

Manufacturer's Installation Guide

  • Fill the base of the product with wet sand and place wherever birds, pigeons or seagulls are a problem.
  • For best results move the replica hawk every 3 - 4 days.
  • The ornamental plastic falcon can be fixed to a pole (1 inch diameter).
  • To fix the decoy falcon on a ledge, shed roof, or fence panel you could use fixing silicone or cement the falcon directly on to the required surface. Always make sure that the surface is clean and dry before using silicone.

Product Specifications

  • Height: 35 cm (14")
  • Width: 16 cm (6")
  • Depth: 16 cm (6 ")
  • Removable plug on base for filling owl with sand or gravel or to mount on a pole.
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Customer Testimonials

  • Star rating for Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys Barry West, Swansea
    "This is a great looking product and really has kept the pigeons away for a while!"
  • Star rating for Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys Amy Thornton, Leeds
    "Three falcons later and the birds have still come back. I think I am going to have to look into a more long term solution."
  • Star rating for Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys Peter Jackson, Stoke on Trent
    "I've read a lot of bad reviews on these falcon decoys, they do look good, but you can't rely on them to stop the bird problem"
  • Star rating for Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys Terry Hawkins, Bournemouth
    "To my surprise this falcon has kept the gulls off my roof, it's a good low cost solution! I hope they stay away!!"
  • Star rating for Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys Margery Brunel, Plymouth
    "I have struggled with pigeons in my garden for years...after installing this decoy, I am still struggling! Not a recommended purchase!"
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Our Review

Plastic Falcon and Hawk Decoys

Bird of Prey Decoy

Plastic falcons and decoy hawks have been long regarded as the best aesthetic humane bird control product; however, they are not as effective as more professional bird control measures such as Bird Deterrent Spikes. A great low-cost, DIY solution, plastic decoy falcons can be used successfully if they are used for prevention only and not used to get rid of a large bird infestation.

Plastic falcons are quick and easy to install and require no batteries or electric power. We would only recommend bird of prey decoys to be used as bird prevention or for very light pigeon problem; however, it is an excellent garden ornament. For a more effective long-term solution you may want to consider a product like Pigeon Anti-Roosting Spikes.

Finally, we would strongly recommend that you call us in the first instance. Our friendly support staff will happily talk you through the various solutions.

Call us:  Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm on 01626 835055

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