Fake Replica Plastic Owl Decoy

The front half of a full size fake plastic owl bird deterrent and life-like replica owl decoys are designed to scare away problem birds and pigeons.

Image of Fake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent
  • Image of Fake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent

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Product Overview

Fake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent Decoy

Fake Owl Decoy

This is the front half of a fake plastic owl decoy which is commonly used as a bird deterrent device. Replica owl decoys have been used to deter birds and other pest species for hundreds of years. The idea is that the pigeons or other birds believe the owl decoy to be a predator, thus avoiding the area that the owl is located in. Unlike the Rotating Head Owl decoy, this plastic bird deterrent owl has no moving parts, you will receive the front half of a plastic owl.

Fake plastic owl bird deterrents are commonly used in any area where pests are a problem. Target pest species include pigeons, seagulls, rats, mice and other small birds. Replica owl decoys are often used to protect gardens, boats, schools, parks , patios, balconies, roofs and many other buildings or properties.

The fake owl bird deterrent device is the front half of a full-size, life-like replica decoy. With its distinguished owl features and reflective eyes it is designed to deter pigeons, birds and other pest species. Regularly move the owl around to prevent the pest birds getting used to it.

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Manufacturer's Comments

Fake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent Decoy

Replica Plastic Owl

The manufacturer of this product is STV, and they produce it under the name "Defenders Plastic Owl". They say this about the product:

  • Long-eared owl with life like eyes.
  • The Front Half of a Full-size replica.
  • Bright coloured markings for maximum impact.
  • Durable construction - weatherproof.
  • Integral base - stand with fixing hole included.
  • Screw fixing holes allow the owl to be screwed or cable tied onto any wooden surface.

Manufacturer's Installation Guide

  • Install the owl using the fixing holes in the base. Screw or cable tie to any wooden surface.
  • For best results locate the owl higher than the problem area to ensure the reflective eyes can be seen by the pigeons; for example, on roof tops, garden sheds, fence posts.
  • Fix by screwing or cable tie to a branch, post or other wooden surface.
  • The owl also has a hook on its head for hanging from trees.

Product Specifications

  • Height: 40 cm (16")
  • Width: 18 cm (7")
  • Depth: 20 cm (8")
  • Hook on head for hanging from trees
  • Cable tie hook on base for attaching to branches
  • Screw fixing holes in the base for attaching to wooden surfaces.
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Customer Testimonials

  • Star rating for Fake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent Alistair Brenning, Wales
    "Had pigeons sitting on my fence. The owl worked in that it scared them off but eventually they came back."
  • Star rating for Fake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent Darcey Hilton, Manchester
    "Lots of wood pigeons were eating the fruit from my veg patch. I put the owl in the fruit bush and the pigeons disappeared."
  • Star rating for Fake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent Lydia Clampton, Cornwall
    "Some of the seagulls left so it improved slightly, but some have now returned"
  • Star rating for Fake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent David Hill, Torquay
    "This product hasn't worked at all, disappointed!"
  • Star rating for Fake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent Sandra Ellis, Glasgow
    "I like this product - it has had good results and so far I have no-longer got a pigeon problem! Well done Plastic Owl!"
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Our Review

Star rating for Fake Plastic Owl Bird Deterrent Decoy

Replica Plastic
Fake Owl Decoy

The use of fake plastic owl decoys as a bird deterrent has been widespread for many years. Almost all hardware stores and garden centres seem to stock them and hundreds of thousands have been sold. We think that the popularity of replica owls as a pigeon or bird control product is probably down to availability and the relatively low price. Also, this product is humane to birds and causes them no injuries.

As a company we have also sold many thousands and with very few returns, so you might think that this means that it should be considered a very successful bird deterrent. However, it is worth noting that we regularly receive comments that although the owls deter birds instantly, the "scariness" factor soon wears off. So, although we wouldn't discourage customers from buying them, we would probably recommend Bird Anti-Roosting Spikes as a longer-term solution, particularly if the area of concern is a bird overnight nesting ledge.

Alternatively, if you are going to go ahead with the purchase of an owl decoy then you may want to consider our "Rotating Head Owl" which moves in the wind and may delay the problem of pest birds becoming familiarised with it.

Finally, we would strongly recommend that you call us in the first instance. Our friendly support staff will happily talk you through the various solutions.

Call us:  Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm on 01626 835055

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