Defender TV Aerial Pack™

Defender TV Aerial Pack™ Defender TV Aerial Pack™ Defender TV Aerial Pack™

Defender TV Aerial Pack™Defender TV Aerial Pack™s come in two sizes: a small six strip pack contains absolutely everything you need to deter pigeons from landing on smaller aerials. A large twelve strip pack will protect medium to large aerials.

Defender TV Aerial Pack™All packs contain absolutely everything you need to fully complete the job all components in the Defender TV Aerial Pack™ are made from Durolon UV stabilised plastic so not to interfere with the TV signal.

Defender TV Aerial Pack™1. Each pack comes complete with three methods of attaching the spikes to the aerials, special aerial clips, silicone and cable ties, so what ever type of aerial you have there will be a suitable attaching method.

Defender TV Aerial Pack™2. Aerial clips simply clip onto the bottom of the spike, the spike and the clips can simply be pushed onto the aerial.

Defender TV Aerial Pack™3. If the clips do not fit onto your type of aerial then use the silicone and/or the cable ties to attach the spikes.

Take Health & Safety Precautions4. Before starting the job, assess the work to make sure that you can do it safely and without hurting yourself or others. If you have any doubts at all then please contact us or return the spikes for a full refund – no questions asked. Wear suitable protective clothing, dust mask, gloves, overalls etc.

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