Defender Gutter Spikes™

Defender gutter spikes Defender gutter spikes Defender gutter spikes

Defender Gutter Spikes™The Defender Gutter Spikes™ is another great labour saving installation. The clips simply attach to the edge of the gutter, placing the spike inside the gutter, while still allowing water to flow freely underneath. No adhesive is needed.

Defender Gutter Spikes™The Defender Gutter Spikes™ strip has an overall length of just over 13” (334mm). This pre-assembled spike has flexible clips which simply press onto the outer lip of the gutter or hopper.

Defender Gutter Spikes™1. No tools or glue required; just push the clip and spike directly onto the outer rim of the gutter.

Defender Gutter Spikes™2. Every effort should be made to spike all possible landing sites that are 2 inches (5cm) or greater. Snap spikes into pieces to finish off rows or spike small areas. Spikes can be easily snapped using your fingers.

Defender Gutter Spikes™3. Window cleaners, contractors on ladders, scaffolders, painters etc. have a habit of damaging bird spikes. Warn them to be careful whilst working. A slightly damaged spike is likely to provide an ideal roosting or nesting spot for a pigeon. Any damaged spikes should be replaced before the pigeons move in.

Take Health & Safety Precautions4. Before starting the job, assess the work to make sure that you can do it safely and without hurting yourself or others. If you have any doubts at all then please contact us or return the spikes for a full refund – no questions asked. Wear suitable protective clothing, dust mask, gloves, overalls etc.

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