Why don’t you offer a bird pest control service installing Defender™ Anti-Roosting Pigeon Spikes? You can order them from the online shop. Order before 3pm Monday – Friday for same day dispatch . If you are interested then please contact us for our free Bird Pest Control installation CD, or view our online installation guide.

‘Bird Pest Control’ training CD will show how to install pigeon spikes We often receive questions from people who want to carry out bird pest control without having to request the services of a specialist contractor. The question we are asked the most is what skill level is required to install Anti-Roosting Pigeon Spikes. Our answer is that if a person can use a ladder to clean a bedroom window, then installing pigeon spikes would be very straightforward.

For anybody thinking of carrying out their own bird pest control, or for anyone thinking of offering a bird pest control service, we would ask them to contact us by email and request our free ‘Bird Pest Control’ installation CD or view our online installation guide.

When a decision has been made to purchase any of our ‘Bird Pest Control’ products, they can do so from the online shop, where they will notice that significant discounts are offered for larger quantity orders.

Installation of anti-roosting chimney spikes      Installation of anti-roosting pigeon deterrent on guttering      Fixing silicone for anti-roosting pigeon spikes

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