The PCRC Team

The PCRC Team

Welcome to the Pigeon Control Resource Centre (PCRC). The PCRC is an online resource for anyone with a pigeon-related problem. All information and advice provided on this website will be geared towards completely solving pigeon control problems by the use of humane and non-lethal control methods.

The Pigeon Control Resource Centre is commercially sponsored and helps fund its activities through its online shop. The PCRC’s stated aim is to empower the general public to make informed choices where the issue of pigeon control is concerned as well as providing the industry itself with a resource that will result in the public being offered a more appropriate menu of pigeon control options.


Defender 8™ Plastic Anti-Roosting Spike

Defender 8™ Plastic Anti-
Roosting Spike

For those people who are looking for a commercially available solution the PCRC does have an online shop, but we would strongly recommend that prior to any purchase, visitors to the site view our comprehensive Pigeon Control Product Review pages or indeed our Do It Yourself Pigeon Control section which provides many pigeon control solutions that cost little or nothing.

One of the most important aspects of any pigeon control system is choosing the most appropriate deterrent, or combination of deterrents, to be used and their effectiveness and cost-effectiveness relative to each other.

The Product Review pages on this website offer an independent and expert overview of virtually every deterrent, anti-perching device and bird exclusion device on the market, with views and comments from DEFRA, product users, manufacturers/distributors and finally an editorial view.

When choosing a pigeon control product or service it is imperative to seek wholly independent and expert advice. The team of consultants at the Pigeon Control Resource Centre are acknowledged experts within the field of bird control and can be relied upon to provide commercially unbiased advice to the end user, irrespective of the size or scale of the problem.

Please contact us via the Contacts Page if you require advice or guidance on any product or service reviewed on the Products Review page or discussed elsewhere on the website. Our aim is to offer an independent and expert evaluation of each and every product used for the purpose of controlling pigeons. Virtually every product and service in the world has been reviewed by the PCRC.

We are aware that new pigeon control products and services are constantly introduced into the pest control market place, and therefore it is our goal to review and evaluate each and every one in an effort to provide the end user with an up-to-date and comprehensive view.

If you have manufactured and marketed a new product, or if you are a distributor for a new product, the Pigeon Control Resource Centre will undertake to evaluate your product, free of charge, and provide a detailed review within the Product Review section. We will evaluate any product on the basis of information provided to us, providing that there is sufficient information available in order to write a review, but we will be able to provide a far more comprehensive evaluation if a sample of the product is provided for us to trial.

Any product submitted to the Pigeon Control Resource Centre for review must be non-lethal and satisfy the criteria laid down within the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the Animal Welfare Act 2006 for any product used for the purposes of bird control.

If you have a product that you wish us to review, please contact us via the Contact Us page.

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